Welcome; to Paul A. Reid's Stress Management Training.

"A practical way of coping with the symptoms of stress & anxiety" 

Therapeutic Information, Accompanied by the Steady Aquisition and Application of - Life Coping Skills, i.e. Stress Management Training, Will Significantly Prevent Mental Health Issues from Developing or Getting out of Hand. "Not Coping with the Symptoms of Stress, Can be the Precursor to most Mental Health Problems".

                                                                           ...Paul Andrew Reid BSc.Psy/Health Sci. (1998).


This is a training course in the techniques of stress management, the course is designed to teach you how to better manage the stresses in your life. It does not attempt to eliminate stress altogether, as we need a certain amount of stress in our lives in order to achieve our goals. Too much stress, however, can lead to illness or unnecessary restrictions on our lives. 

With training in Stress Management Techniques, we can learn to create relaxed and positive habits of thought and we can learn techniques of physical relaxation. These two changes together will result in relaxed and appropriate behaviour enabling us to achieve our desired goals in life.

Research shows, that the greater the understanding that individuals have about stress, the more they are able to manage it effectively.  

Stress Management Training, really can help you to change, but like any other skill worth learning, it takes practice, hard work and commitment.

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